Egg Roll Hut, Mixed-Media Painting

Egg Roll Hut by Maureen Brouillette
Mixed Media Painting on Canvas, 20" x 20"

Gallery Statement for Road Trip exhibit

Travel photos, collected postcards, and well worn maps provide inspiration for Maureen Brouillette's mixed media paintings. Her recent work takes us on a ROAD TRIP through middle America yet suggests a contemporary viewpoint ripe for interpretation.

A ferris wheel hovers over a carnival midway and industrial grade yellow paint signals caution. Architectural snapshots such as these define each painting. With the layering of paint and paper, Brouillette merges reality with abstraction. She integrates elements with gestural, graffiti-like line and quiets bold color with contrasting neutral hues. The result is imagery that has both an energetic rhythm and room to breathe.

Judith Taylor/Gallery Shoal Creek (Austin, TX)

Maureen Brouillette

Duality is an important theme in my work. I like to play with the contrast between order and chaos, analytical and intuitive, and geometric and organic. The final result I strive for is a balance between reality and abstraction. I use acrylic, oil, collage and a variety of drawing tools to make my paintings. I also teach ongoing watermedia painting classes and do demonstrations, workshops, critiques and jury art exhibits.

My work was featured in Crate & Barrel catalogs and showrooms. Within a five year period I was awarded Best of Show twice in the Southwestern Watercolor Society Juried exhibit.


Mixed Media Collage Workshop - October 10 & 11, 2015 - We will be using images of landscape, cityscape and the figure.

Continental Caper - EASL Art Heist - October 3rd at 129 Leslie in the Dallas Design District. It's going to be a great event. More information an tickets at It's a great cause and a wonderful way to add to your art collection.

I have been showing at Art Space 111 in Fort Worth quite a bit this year. I was in Urbanscapes, a four person show with Daniel Blagg, David Leonard and Ty Wilcox. I will be up for Fall Gallery Night, September 12th. It's always a fun evening.

I am teaching private lessons in both collage / mixed media and traditional acrylic painting on paper and canvas. I'm also doing private critiques.

Kanuga Workshop - My 2014 Kanuga workshop was a success. Thanks to Robbie and Will for hosting and Golden Paint for supplying a generous amount of acrylic paint. My students, who came from Florida to Washington, produced some great work.


Bird Man, Mixed-Media Painting

Bird Man by Maureen Brouillette
Mixed Media Painting on Canvas, 20" x 20"

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